Hot Weekday Deal!

Come on out and do some racing!  Weekdays from noon - 5 pm. Check out our online bookings for weekday Buy-One-Get-One-Free (BOGO) specials or download our mobile app (Apple & Android) to register online and to purchase weekday specials.  Only $20/person for 2 races each!

We are closed on Mondays.  

Used Go Karts for Sale
Check out our used go karts for sale.  Click here for details.

We sell new Rotax / CRG karts, and we sell used go karts as well.  Contact us for details about the used karts currently for sale.  And consider becoming a kart club member. Store your kart at our track and come out and drive at your convenience.  We set the kart up and you arrive to race!  Great fun and great for your driving skills.

Latest Weather Update
We have rain tires and can run in the rain, however in the event of thunder or other dangerous conditions, we do not run the karts. Please call (210) 828-5511 to confirm track  conditions and closures if there is bad weather. 

Click here for latest track weather

Take advantage of our Weekday specials!

Take a mid-day break & get some racing in!

Tuesdays thru Thursdays between 12 pm & 5 pm

LeMans Race
Reduced from $150/kart to $125/kart. One-hour test
of your endurance and skills. Four people race per kart.
Minimum of 5 karts required (20 people). Race includes:
  • Practice session
  • Teams of 4 per kart
  • Each team member must race at least once during the hour-long race
  • Plan your pit stop strategy
  • Podium finish

Enduro Race
Reduced from $65/person to only $45/person
Minimum of 8 racers required. Race includes:

  • Practice session
  • Qualifying session
  • Pole position start
  • Final race
  • Podium finish

Sign Up for League Racing.

Interested in joining a league?
  • Adult leagues run on every other Saturday over a 16 week period.  Check for current schedules.
  • Form your own league.  A minimum of 8 people required.

    Contact Tina at (210) 828-5511 for details and to sign up. 

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